Module I: The electric field (12 hours)
Co-ordinate transformations – vector fields – divergence theorem – stokes theorem – static electric field – electric flux – gauss’s law – electric scalar potential – electric dipole – field polarization in dielectrics – electrostatic boundary conditions – Laplace’s and Poisson’s equations – capacitance – capacitance of isolated sphere – capacitance between coaxial cylinders – capacitance between parallel wires – energy stored in electric field
Module II: The magnetic field (12 hours)
Steady current and current density in a conductor – Biot Savart’s law and ampere’s law – scalar and vector magnetic potentials – magnetic boundary conditions – magnetic torque and moment – magnetic dipole – magnetisation in materials – inductance – self and mutual inductance – inductance of solenoids, toroids and transmission lines – energy stored in magnetic field – Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction – motional and transformer emf
Module III: Maxwell’s equations (14 hours) 
Current continuity equation – displacement current – dielectric hysterisis – Maxwell’s equations – wave equations – solutions for free space conditions – uniform plane wave – sinusoidal time variations – Poynting vector and Poynting theorem – wave equations for conducting medium – wave polarization
Module IV: Wave propagation & transmission lines (14 hours)
Propagation of waves through conductors and dielectrics – wave incidence normally and obliquely on a perfect conductor – wave incidence on the surface of a perfect dielectric – brewster angle – transmission lines – wave equations on transmission lines – phase velocity and group velocity – characteristic impedance – standing wave ratio – impedance matching – smith chart

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