MODULE I (15 hours)
Statically and kinematically indeterminate structures Degree of static indeterminacy, Degree of kinematic indeterminacy, Force and displacement method of analysis Force method of analysis Method of consistent deformation-Analysis of fixed and continuous beams Calpyron’s theorem of three moments-Analysis of fixed and continuous beams Principle of minimum strain energy-Castigliano’s second theorem- Analysis of beams, plane trusses and plane frames.
MODULE II (15 hours)
Displacement method of analysis
Slope deflection method-Analysis of continuous beams and frames (with and without sway) Moment distribution method- Analysis of continuous beams and frames (with and without sway).
MODULE III (12 hours)
Approximate Methods of Analysis of Multi-storey Frames
Analysis for vertical loads
Substitute frames-Loading conditions for maximum positive and negative bending moments in beams and maximum bending moment in columns
Analysis for lateral loads
Portal method–Cantilever method–Factor method.
MODULE IV (10 hours)
Plastic Theory
Introduction-Plastic hinge concept-plastic section modulus-shape factor-redistribution of moments-collapse mechanism-Theorems of plastic analysis – Static/lower bound theorem; Kinematic/upper bound theorem-Plastic analysis of beams and portal frames by equilibrium and mechanism methods.

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