Module I 14 Hrs
Biological Cell – Cell Structure – Transport of ions through cell membrane – Bio
potential – Resting and Action potential
Components of the Biomedical Instrument system – Electrodes– Polarization – Surface
electrodes – Needle Electrodes – Micro Electrodes – Skin Electrode equivalent circuits –
Transducers in Bio Medical instrument System– Bio amplifiers – Characteristics and
Module II 13 Hrs
Electro Cardiography – ECG lead configurations – Electro Encephalography (EEG) –
Electro Myography (EMG) – Phono Cardiography (PCG) – Electro Retinography (ERG) –
Electro Occulography (EOG)
Module III 11 Hrs
Measurement of Blood Pressure – Direct and Indirect methods – Blood pumps – Haemo
dialysis – Measurement of Heart rate – Measurement of Blood flow – Cardiac Output –
Measurement of Respiration and Gas flow – Diathermy – Ventilators – Oxy meters.
Module IV 14 Hrs
Angiography – Cardiac Pacemaker – Defibrillator – Muscle Simulator – X ray machine
Radiation safety Instrumentation – Electrical Shock – Micro and Macro shock – Electrical
Accidents in Hospitals – Protection from Electrical Hazards – Advances in Biomedical

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