Module I 12 Hrs
Force and weight measurement – comparison with known weights – measuring deflection of a body – measuring electric current – Force measurement using scales, springs and strain
gauges –load cells different types – effect of temperature variations – electronic weighing system – types of torque measurement Strain gauges – types – resistive strain gauges – rosette gauges – bonded and unbonded strain gauges – sensing element materials – protective coating – coating materials
Module II 13 Hrs
Measurement of level – definition of level – visual indicators – float actuators – electrical resistance and static pressure types – principle of operation – construction and characteristics – field of open and closed tanks – level switches – linearization techniques for level sensors – signal conditioning of electrical and pneumatic type boiler drum level control –fluid level sensors – ultra sonic and capacitor type level measurement – solid level measurement
Module III 15 Hrs
Measurements of flow- mechanical flow meters – displacement type-reciprocating piston – rotating piston – helix and oval gear meters – differential type (rotating vane propeller type with counters) – combination meters – principle of operation – construction – installation of mechanical meters – calibration setup of water meters – gas meters (volumetric type and rate flow meters) – hot wire anemometer – differential pressure meters – orifice plates – venture tube – dall tube – flow nozzles – laminar flow – turbulent flow – pitot tube – installation procedures – manometers – flow registering instruments wet and dry type. Electromagnetic flow meters – ultrasonic flow meters – target meters – turbine flow meters – vortex shedding flow meters – coriolisis force type flow meters – cross correlation techniques for flow measurement – flow measurement using heat transfer measurement of flow of dry solid materials.
Module IV 12 Hrs
Mass and volume measurement – impeller type – weight belt type – turbine type – propeller type – area measurement using plani meter – mechanical tachometer – electric tachometer – contact less tachometer – frequency type tachometer – stroboscopic type tachometer – Vibration measurement – common causes – measurement quantities – methods of vibration measurement
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