Module I (12 hours)
Introduction to Computer Graphics. Raster Graphics – Features, raster algorithms including primitiveslike lines, circles, filling, clipping in 2D, etc. Geometric transformations in 2D – coordinate transformationsand their matrix representation, the window to viewport transformation. Transformations in 3D, viewing in3D –Input devices, Interaction techniques.
Module II (14 hours)
Solid modeling -Regularized Boolean set operations-Primitive instancing – sweep representation –Boundary representation. Visible surface determination – Techniques for efficient Visible-SurfaceAlgorithms, Categories of algorithms, Back face removal –z-Buffer algorithm – List priorityalgorithm – scan line algorithms.Representing Curves and surfaces – polygon meshes – parametric cubic curves-Hermite curves-Beziercurves –B-Splines. Parametric bicubic surfaces – Hermite surfaces – Bezier surfaces – B-Spline surfaces.
Module III (12 hours)
Introduction to Multimedia – Media and Data Streams – Properties of multimedia systems –Characterizing data streams – Characterizing continuous media datastreams. Audio Technology – Audiorepresentation ––Music –speech -MIDI Vs digital audio-audio file formats-wav-ogg-au etc. Graphics andImages –Video Technology – Animation –basic concepts.
Module IV (14 hours)
Data compression –Storage space –coding requirements –Classification of coding – Basic compression Techniques – JPEG –H.261 – MPEG –DVI. Multimedia Applications-Media Integration-MediaCommunication-Media Consumption-Media Entertainment-Future Directions.

Text books
1. James D Foley, Van Dam A, Steven and Hughes, “Computer Graphics”, Pearson Education
2. Ralf Steinmetz and Klara Nahrstedt, “Multimedia Fundamentals”, Pearson Education
Reference books
1. Donald Hearn and M.Pauline Baker, “Computer Graphics”, Pearson Education.
3. Newmann W and Sprull, “Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics”, TMH.
4. Koegel Buford J F, “Multimedia Systems”, Addison Wesley.
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