Module I (13 hours
Dielectrics and dielectric breakdown – electric breakdown in gas and gas mixtures- breakdown in uniform and non-uniform fields- Paschen’s law-Twon-send criterion-penning effect-streamer mechanismcorona discharge-electronegative gas- breakdown in surge voltage-time lag-practical consideration in using gases for insulation purpose-breakdown in high vacuum- breakdown in liquid dielectrics-pure liquids and commercial liquids-electronic and cavitations breakdown – suspended practical mechanism-breakdown in solid dielectric-intrinsic-electromechanical-steamer and thermal breakdown-treeing phenomenon-partial discharge-breakdown of composite dielectrics
Module II (13 hours)
Generation of high voltages and currents-DC voltages-Voltage doubler- cascade-electrostatic machines-Voltage stabilization-AC voltages-cascade Transformers – series resonance circuits-impulse voltages-single stage and multistage circuits-wave shaping-tripping and control of impulse generatorssynchronization with oscilloscope- generation of switching surge voltage-generation of impulse currents.
Module III (13 hours)
Measurement of high voltages and currents –DC-AC and impulse Voltages and currents – CRO – electrostatic generating and peak voltmeters, sphere gaps – factors affecting measurements- potential dividers (Capacitive and resistive)- series impedance ammeters – Ragoski coils-magnetic links-hall effect generators – PT’s (magnetic and capacitive types) and CT’s .
Module IV (13 hours)
H.V testing of materials and apparatus-acceptance-preventive and diagnostic tests-dielectric loss measurements-Schering bride-inductively coupled ratio arm bridge – loss measurement on complete equipment – partial discharge and ratio interference measurements – over voltage phenomenon and insulation co-ordination-traveling waves-line equations-wave transmission-reflection and attenuation-lighting phenomenon-switching surges-principle of insulation – co-ordination on HV and EHV systems-protection

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