Module I: Linear programming I (13 hours)
Systems of linear equations and inequalities – convex sets – convex functions – formulation of linear programming problems – theory of simplex method – simplex algorithm – Charne’s M method – two phase method – duality in linear programming – dual simplex method
Module II: Linear programming II (13 hours)
Sensitivity analysis – parametric programming – bounded variable problems – transportation problem – development of the method – integrality property – degeneracy – unbalanced problems – assignment problem – development of the Hungarian method – routing problems
Module III: Nonlinear programming (13 hours)
Mathematical preliminaries of non-linear programming – gradient and Hessian – unimodal functions – convex and concave functions – role of convexity – unconstrained optimization – fibonacci search – golden section search – optimal gradient method – classical optimization – Lagrange multiplier method – Kuhn-tucker conditions – quadratic programming – separable convex programming – frank and wolfe method
Module IV: Dynamic programming & game theory (13 hours)
Nature of dynamic programming problem – Bellman’s optimality principle – cargo loading problem – replacement problems – multistage production planning and allocation problems – rectangular games – two person zero sum games – pure and mixed strategies – 2m and m2 games – relation between theory of games and linear programming

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