Part – A. Mechanical Engineering Workshops
Fitting Practice (10 Hours)
Study of metal cutting and measuring tools. Fabrication Exercises involving cutting and chiseling.
Welding (5 Hours)
Study of arc and gas welding equipments. Exercises involving preparation of lap and butt joints.
Carpentry (10 Hours)
Wood and its processing – measuring and marking tools. Wood working hand tools – Wood working machinery. Preparation of joints like dove tail, mortise & tenon.
Sheet metal practice (5 Hours)
Study of machines and tools used in sheet metal work. Development and fabrication of simple sheet metal components like cylindrical dish, rectangular duct.
Foundry (5 Hours)
Study of foundry tool appliances. Preparation of sand for sand molding, making green sand molds for simple objects. Demonstration of melting, pouring and production of casting.
Smithy (5 Hours)
Study of hand forging tools. Hand forging exercises to make components of simple Geometry.
Part – B Civil Engineering Workshop
Surveying (10 Hours)
Chain survey – Traversing and plotting of details. Plane Table Surveying – method of radiation, intersection and traversing. Leveling – Fly leveling.