Module I 14 Hrs
Introduction to CCP – Continuous and Discrete control of process – Data loggers-Smart
Transmitters- Introduction to SCADA system – Introduction to PLC – Functional Block Diagram
– PLC installation and Maintenance – Factors to be considered for selecting a PLC – PLC
Programming Languages – Relay Logic and Ladder Logic programming for simple Applications
– Mini Project execution using PLC
Module II 13 Hrs
Introduction to Discrete data system – Selection of Sampling process – Selection of
Sampling period – Z Transform – Data Holds – Pulse Transfer Function – Modified Z Transform
– Response of Open loop and Closed Loop System
Deadbeat and Dahlin Control Algorithms- Smith Predictor- Design of Feed forward
Controller – IMC
Module III 13 Hrs
Adaptive Control – Different types – Block Diagrams with Brief explanation of Gain
Scheduling Adaptive Control, Model Reference Adaptive System and Self Tuning regulator
System Identification Problem – Least square estimation – Recurssive Least Square
Estimation – Minimum Degree Pole Placement – Direct and Indirect STR., Minimum Variance
Module IV 12 Hrs
Introduction to Virtual Instrumentation – Advantages of Virtual Instruments over
Conventional Instruments – Key Elements of Virtual Instruments
Programming tool for Virtual Instrumentation – Introduction to LABVIEW- Acquisition,
Analysis and Presentation with LABVIEW- LABVIEW Programming- Simulation of Simple
Application using LABVIEW

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