Module I 12 Hrs
Review of digital electronics – basic building blocks – gates – Flip Flop – adder –
multiplexer – shift registers – decoder – encoder – sampling – sampling theorem – aliasing
errors – reconstruction – extrapolation – synchronous and asynchronous sampling.
Module II 13 Hrs
Counters – Timers – Modes of operation – counting of electrical input events , frequency
measurement, Frequency ratio measurement, Period measurement, Time interval measurement,
Pulse width measurement
ADC – types and principle of operation – DAC – types and principle of operation – F/V
and V/F conversion techniques
Module III 12 Hrs
Digital voltmeter – Application of OPAMPs in voltmeter – Automatic ranging and
zeroing in digital voltmeter – Fully automatic digital voltmeter – organization of digital part of a
voltmeter – Errors in digital voltmeter – Digital Multimeter – circuits and operation
Module IV 15 Hrs
Digital storage oscilloscopes – digital printers and plotters – LCD display CROs – Colour
Monitor – Digital Signal Analyser – Digital Data Acquisition
Introduction to special function add on cards – resistance card – input and output cards –
counter, test and time of card and Digital Equipment construction with modular designing –
interfacing to microprocessor, micro-controllers and computers – Computer aided software
engineering tools (CASE) – use of CASE tools in design and development of automated
measuring systems – interfacing IEEE cards – intelligent and programmable instruments using

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