Module I (12 hours)
Working with User Interfaces – JAVA AWT Package, Window fundamentals, Basic User Interface Components (Labels, buttons, Check boxes, Radio buttons, choice Menu or Choice Lists, Text fields, Text areas, scrolling list, scroll bars, panels and frames), Layouts (Flow, Grid, Border, Card). Event-drivenprogramming-Event driven programs, Event handling process, Java’s event types.JAVA Swings- Comparison between Swing and AWT, Java swing packages, Swing basic containers,Swing components, event handling using Java swing, using dialogs, Joptionpane class, input dialog boxes,Timers and Sliders, Tables, Borders for components.
Module II (14 hours)
JAVA database connectivity- JDBC/ODBC bridge, JAVA.SQL package, Connecting to remote data base,Data manipulation and Data navigationJAVA Servlets – Introduction- Servlet API, Lifecycle of Java Servlet, Creating Servlets, Running servlets,Cookie class. Networking with java- Java.net package, Implementation of client-server application usingTCP/IP and UDP.
Module III (12 hours)
Introduction to HTML- HTML tags, Frames and forms, Java Script- Introduction to scripting, controlstatements, Functions, Arrays, Objects.DHTML – Object model and Collections, Event model, Filters and Transitions, Data binding with tabulardata control. XML – XML vocabularies, Document Object Model, SAX, Simple Object Access Protocol(SOAP), Extensible Style sheet Language(XSL)
Module IV (14 hours)
Server side scripting Languages- JSP- Introduction to JSP, JSP Architecture, Scripting components,Standard actions, JSP with JDBC – case study of a simple online application.PHP – Introduction (variables, control statements etc), String processing and regular expression, For processing and business logic, Connecting to a database, Cookies, Dynamic content in PHP-case study ofan online application

Text books
1. Deitel & Deitel, JAVA : How to Program, Pearson education , 7e
2. Deitel & Deitel, Internet and World Wide Web How to Program, Pearson education, 3e
3. Ivan BayRoss, Web Enabled Commercial Application using Java 2, bpb publication
Reference books
1. David Flanagan , Java Script The Definitive Guide, O’relly, 5e
2. Hans Bergsten, Java Server Pages, O’relly, 3e
3. David Sclar, Learning PHP5, O’relly